26 (Wednesday) - 28 (Friday) June 2019 Macau


26-28 June 2019


Fuhong Society of Macau

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Group: Residents of Macau / Hong Kong 港澳团体 ( 10 people or above 10人或以上)

MOP per person

Registration Fee includes the following items:
  1. Lunch of the day.
  2. tea breaks of the day.
  3. Discounted Welcome Dinner price as listed.
  4. One souvenir set: a conference bag, selected stationery, USB, souvenir, a conference booklet.
  5. Free admission to Exhibitions.
  6. Entertainment Coupon (subject to available sponsorship).
  1. 当天的午餐。
  2. 当天2次的茶聚。
  3. 欢迎晚宴可获得折扣,价格可参考价目表。
  4. 精美纪念品套装乙份包括:会议袋子、文具(纸、笔、荧光笔、便条纸)、USB随身碟及场刊。
  5. 免费参观展览。
  6. 娱乐优惠券 (视可用赞助而定)。


Ticket types 门票种类 Early-bird 早鸟报名 Regular 一般报名
Macau / Hong Kong Residents 港澳团体 USD 150 / MOP 1,200 USD 150 / MOP 1,200
Macau / Hong Kong Residents with welcome dinner 港澳团体(参加欢迎晚宴) USD 210 / MOP 1,700 USD 230 / MOP 1,850

Please call (853) 2822 0330 or email info@rimacau2019.org for ticketing enquiries.
购票或查询,请致电客户服务热线(853)2822 0330 或电邮至 info@rimacau2019.org

  • Early-bird: 15 April 2019 or before.
  • Registration is only confirmed after payment received.
  • Registration and welcome dinner fees will not be refunded.
  • Welcome dinner: 26 June 2019, 7:00pm – 9:00pm
  • Admission to Welcome Dinner is subject to ticket availability and on first come first serve basis.
  • Online registration can be made at the conference website only. If On-line Registration is not available, please contact the RI Asia & Pacific Regional Conference 2019 Secretariat by email.
  • Online registration will be available before May 31, 2019; after this date registration will be processed on-site with Cash (MOP, HKD, RMB, or USD only) upon arrival.
  • Registration fees paid by credit card will be converted into Macau Pataca (MOP) on transfer.
  • 早鸟优惠︰2019年4月15日前。
  • 注册仅在收到付款后确认。
  • 注册和欢迎晚宴费用不予退还。
  • 欢迎晚宴名额需视门票情况而定,先到先得。
  • 欢迎晚宴:2019年6月26日, 晚上7:00 – 9:00
  • 线上报名仅限于​​大会官网注册,线上报名截止后请洽询「康复国际亚太区会议 2019」大会秘书处。
  • 线上报名于2019年5月31日截止之后,可在抵达会场时,以现金(只限澳门币、港币、人民币或美金)报名。
  • 以信用卡支付报名费,将换算成澳门币,汇率约一美元换八元澳门币。

Terms and conditions

  1. Macau / Hong Kong Residents, Students are required to present valid proof of status at the Summit’s check-in counter. Accepted proof includes MOID, HKID, passport or full-time student identity card. (Lifelong Learner Card and student Octopus card are NOT accepted).
  2. Macau / Hong Kong Residents, Students pass holders who failed to present valid proof may be requested to pay full price on-site.
  3. Registrations will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis. Successful registrants who have completed full payment will receive a confirmation e-mail. Please bring along the confirmation email, registration number or QR code to the events for checking in.
  4. Upon confirmation of your registration, all tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances. Requests to change selected session will not be entertained.
  5. If Tropical Storm Signal No.8 or above, and/or the Rainstorm Warning is in force during event days, please refer to the Official Website for latest event arrangement.
  6. During the events, photographs may be taken by the Organiser(s) for use in their publications or other promotional material. In addition, the Organiser(s) will make official video record of all event sessions for webcasting and archival purposes. By attending the events, you agree to allow the Organiser(s) and other entities including but not limited to, event partners and supporting organizations, the unrestricted right and permission to copyright, use and publish all the video and/or audio recordings, photographs, presentations or pictures of you or those in which you may be included.
  7. Fuhong Society of Macau reserves the right to amend the programme without prior notice.
  8. In case of any dispute, Fuhong Society of Macau reserves the right of final decision and interpretation.


  1. 所有享有特别优惠的人士,皆须于入场时出示有效之证明文件。未能于入场时出示有效证明的人士,可能需要补付正价门票的费用。
  2. 登记以先到先得形式安排。成功登记及付款的参加者将接收到电邮通知。请于活动当日携同确认电邮、报名编号或二维码登记入场。
  3. 完成登记及付款后,所有门票将不可退款及不可转让,已选择的活动亦不可修改。
  4. 如澳门气象局于活动当日发出八号强风信号或以上及/或暴雨警告信号,请留意活动网站上公布的最新活动安排。
  5. 主办机构将于活动期间拍摄及录影活动的片段,并可能将有关相片作刊物、宣传等用途,及将录像用于网上广播及存档之用。活动参加者确认并同意向主办机构及相关机构,包括但不限于活动伙伴及其他支持机构等,授予使用此等相片及录像的所有权利,版权归主办机构所有。
  6. 主办机构澳门扶康会有权修改活动详情,不作另行通知。
  7. 如有任何争议,澳门扶康会保留最终决定权及解释权。

Additional information

Ticket types

Group tickets, Group tickets with welcome dinner

Please call (853) 2822 0330 or email info@rimacau2019.org for ticketing enquiries. | 购票或查询,请致电客户服务热线(853)2822 0330 或电邮至 info@rimacau2019.org.