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26 (Wednesday) - 28 (Friday) June 2019 Macau


26-28 June 2019


Fuhong Society of Macau

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Plenary Speakers

Please visit this site regularly. The speakers list will be updated frequently.
Speakers List are sorted according to the plenary presentation order.

Opening Ceremony

Plenary Speakers

Fernando Chui Sai On (TBC)

Chief Executive of Macau SAL

About Rehabilitation International

MS. Zhang Haidi

The RI President

Plenary Speakers

Ms. LEE Ye-ja

Vice President of Rehabilitation International’s Asia-Pacific division

Plenary Speakers

Mr. Kaveh Zahedi

Deputy Executive Secretary of the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific

Plenary Speakers


Technical Lead for Disability and Rehabilitation at the WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific

Plenary Speakers

Marla De Fatima Salvadordos Santos Ferreira

Chairperson, Conference Organizing Committee

Plenary Panel 1

Plenary Speakers

Mr.Akiie Ninomiya

Ex-Executive Director of APCD and currently an Advisor to APCD Executive Director as well as a member of APCD Foundation

Plenary Speakers

Prof. Ryo MATSUI

Japanese Society for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities

Plenary Speakers

Mr. Monthian BUNTAN

Senator, and Member of the UN Expert Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

International  Advisors

Mr Michael FOX

Chair, Rights & Inclusion Australia

Plenary Speakers

Mr. You Liang

UN Expert Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Plenary Panel 2A

Plenary Speakers

Dr. TAM Chon-weng Alexis

Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture of Macau

Plenary Speakers

Ms. CAI Cai, Chief

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Section, Social Development Division, UNESCAP

International  Advisors

Prof. LEE Il-yung

Former RI, VP for Asia Pacific

Plenary Panel 2B

Plenary Speakers

Ms. Duong Thi Van

Chairwoman of DP Hanoi, Director of Inclusive Consultation Centre (ICC – DP Hanoi), Vice President of Vietnam Federation on Disability (VFD)

Plenary Speakers

Mr. LIM Puay Tiak

Chairman , ASEAN Disability Forum

Plenary Speakers

Mr. Kyeongseok PARK

Former Chair of APDF, and Standing Chair of Solidarity against Disability Discrimination

Plenary Panel 2C

Plenary Speakers

Dr HO, Yu Cheung

Rotary Club District Governor

Plenary Speakers

Ms. Susan PARKER

RI Hon Treasurer

Plenary Speakers

Mr. JAI Yong

Vice president of China Disabled Persons’ Federation

Plenary Panel 2D

Plenary Speakers

Mr. Fred Sheu

National Technology Officer, Microsoft

Plenary Speakers

Ph.D. Ir Eric W.C. Tam

Head, Office of Student Resources and Residential Life

Plenary Panel 3A

Plenary Speakers

Mr ZHENG Wei-ning

Founder of Canyou Group

Plenary Speakers

Mr. Akira Terashima

former professor at Faculty of Social Work, Urawa University and now; a JSRPD’s senior advisor

Plenary Speakers

Mr. Nick CAREY

Chief Strategy Officer at Shaw Trust

Plenary Speakers

Ms Lolita Gelle

Foundation for These Abled Persons, Inc., Philippines

Plenary Panel 3B

Plenary Speakers

Ms. Masumi Umeno

Director, Japan Parents Association of children with learning disabilities

Plenary Speakers

Mr. Jongsool YOON

Chair of Korean Parents’Network for People with Disabilities

Plenary Speakers

Mr. CHEN Cheng-Liang

Parents’ Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability, Taiwan

Plenary Speakers

Ms. LOU Sio-ha

Director, Association of Parents of the People with Intellectual Disabilities of Macau

Plenary Speakers

Mrs. Goretti Cheuk

Chairman, The Hong Kong Joint Council of Persons of the Mentally Handicapped

Plenary Speakers

Ms. Jessica Dairong

President of Guangzhou Yang Ai Special
Children Parent Club

Plenary Speakers

Datuk Dr. Amar HSS Singh

retired Chief Paediatrician, State of Perak, Malaysia

Plenary Panel 3C

Plenary Speakers

Ms. Carmen YAU Ka-man

Chairperson, Association of Women with Disabilities Hong Kong

Plenary Speakers

Ms. Saowalak THONGKUAY

Member of Asia-Pacific Development Center on Disability (APCD);
Regional Development Officer, Disabled People’s International Asia-Pacific Regional Office

Plenary Speakers

Ms. Zhanxin Tang

Chairlady of Beijing Novel Inception Foundation,
Head of Beijing Hope house for peoples with SCI,
Member of 7th Presidium of CDPF,
Chinese Ambassador of the International Spinal Cord Injury Day,
Top Ten News Persons in China Disabled Persons Enterprise in 2016

Plenary Speakers

Ms. Anne Hawker

New Zealand

Plenary Speakers

Ms. Wong Kit Cheng

Legislative Council member of Macau, Deputy Managing Director of The Women’s General Association of Macau

Plenary Panel 3D

Plenary Speakers

Professor Kenneth SIN

Director of the Centre for Special Educational Needs and Inclusive Education and the Professor in the Department of Special Education and Counselling at The Education University of Hong Kong

Plenary Speakers

Dr. Kuniomi Shibata

Associate Professor, Dr. 
Director, Inclusive Education Support Division
Graduate School of International and Cultural Studies
Faculty of Liberal Arts, Tsuda University

Plenary Speakers

Professor Chris Forlin

Education Consultant: Inclusive Education
Bayswater, Western Australia, Australia
Education Management

Plenary Speakers

Dr. Ana Maria Pires Correia

Dean of the School of Education of University of Saint Joseph, Macau

Plenary Panel 4A

Plenary Speakers

Prof. HUANG Yue-qin

Chair of the RI Commission on Health and Function. She has kindly agreed to host a session:“Suicide study and prevention”

Plenary Speakers

Dr. Ip Yan Ming, JP

President of Fu Hong Society Hong Kong

Plenary Speakers

Mr. Ohyong KWEON

Chair, Korea Alliance on Mobilizing Inclusion (KAMI)

Plenary Speakers

Mr. Kwong Ho-Keung

Lecturer School of Health Sciences, Macao Polytechnic Institute
講師 澳門理工學院 高等衛生學校

Plenary Speakers

Dr. Brian Hall

Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of the Global and Community Mental Health Research Group, Department of Psychology, University of Macau

Plenary Panel 4B

Scientific Committee

Prof. CHAN Che-hin Chetwyn

Associate Vice President (Learning and Teaching), Chair Professor of Rehabilitation Sciences and Director of the University Research Facility in Behavioral and Systems Neuroscience at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Plenary Speakers

Dr. Matilde Leonardi

Chair, the Functioning and disability reference group, WHO

Plenary Speakers

Prof. Akio Tokunaga, Ph. D.
徳永 亜希雄

Chair, the Functioning and disability reference group, WHO

Plenary Speakers

Prof LIOU Tsan-Hon, Peter


Plenary Panel 4C

Plenary Speakers

Ms. Rumiko Ohtani

Representative of Study Group for the Support of People with Dementia in Mmuta City, President of the Council of Group Home for the Elderly People, NPO. Director of Group Home “Familie”.

Plenary Speakers

Prof. VAN Iat Kio
尹一橋 教授

President of Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau

Plenary Speakers

Prof. GuiShixun

School of Social Development East China Normal University

Plenary Panel 5A

Plenary Speakers

Mr. Mario HARDY

CEO of the Pacific Asia Travel Association

Plenary Speakers


Social Affairs Officer, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Section Social Development Division United Nations ESCAP

Plenary Speakers

Shu-Fen, Wu

Director General of International Development Division of Eden Social welfare Foundation

Plenary Speakers

Ms. Naziaty Yaacob

Associate Professor Department of Architecture, Faculty of Built Environment, University of Malaya

Plenary Speakers

Mr. C.J Walsh

Architect and an Expert on Fire Safety for People with Disabilities, Dublin and Ireland

Plenary Panel 5B

Plenary Speakers

Prof. T.H. Tse

Honorary Professor in Computer Science HKU.

Plenary Speakers

Mr. Dipendra Manocha

Director Developing countries Programme and Lead of Training and Tech Support with the DAISY Consortium.

Plenary Speakers

Prof. Masakazu SUZUKI

Emeritus Professor of National Kyushu University, and Chairman, NPO Sciaccess Accessibility Net

Plenary Panel 5C

Plenary Speakers

Ms. Yayoi Kitamura

Chief researcher on disability-inclusive disaster risk reduction and management at the National Rehabilitation Center for Persons with Disabilities (NRCD) at Tokoyozawa

Plenary Speakers

Ms Pradytia Pertiwi (indonesia CBR centre)

PhD candidate, Centre for Disability Research and Policy, Faculty of Health Sciences, The University of Sydney

Plenary Speakers

Dr. POON Tak-lun

Experts in disaster rehabilitation.

Plenary Speakers

Ms Penafrancia (Penny) Ching (Pacific Island)

Head, Disaster Risk Reduction Subcommittee, Philippine Association of Occupational Therapists (PAOT-DRR)
Organizer, Sharpening Knowledge and Tools in CBR

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