26 (Wednesday) - 28 (Friday) June 2019 Macau


26-28 June 2019


Fuhong Society of Macau

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Scientific Committee

李百灝 先生
Mr. LI Pak-Ho Simon

Member, Management Committee, Fuhong Society of Macau

張楠 教授
Prof. ZHANG Nan

Tenured Professor and Director, Rehabilitation Consultation Department, San Diego State University

李萍英 博士
Dr. LI Ping-Ying Eria

Senior Academic Consultant, Graduate School, The Hong Kong Institute of Education

何鍾建 教授
Prof. HO Chong-Kin

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, City University of Macau

凌浩雲 先生
Mr. LING Ho-Wan Howard

Chief Consultant, Social Enterprise Business Centre

張麗儀 女士
Ms. CHEUNG Lai-Yee Mary

Visiting Instructor, Macao Polytechnic Institute

施達明 教授
Prof. SZE Tat-Ming

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Macau

陳智軒 教授
Prof. CHAN Che-Hin Chetwyn

Associate Vice President (Learning and Teaching) and Chair Professor of Rehabilitation Sciences, Director of the University Research Facility in Behavioral and Systems Neuroscience, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

冼權鋒 教授
Prof. SIN Kuen-Fung Kenneth

Professor, Department of Special Education and Counselling, The Education University of Hong Kong

蕭楊輝 博士
Dr. SIU Yeung-Fai Philip

Associate Professor (retired) (2017), Department of Government and Public Administration, University of Macau

劉鈺馨 博士
Dr. Jenny Oliveros LAO

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Administration and Leadership, University of Saint Joseph

唐寧 博士
Dr. TANG Ning

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Saint Joseph

林朗為 教授
Prof. LAM Long-Wai

Professor of Faculty of Business Administration of the University of Macau

梁啟賢 博士
Dr. LEUNG Kai-Yin

Lecturer, Macao Polytechnic Institute’s Social Work programme

黃敬歲 教授
Prof. WONG King-Shui Phyllis

Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

黃東鋒 教授
Prof. HUANG Dong-Feng

Director, WHO Collaborating Centre for Rehabilitation

何嘉莉 教授
Prof. HO Ka-Lee Carrie

School of Education, University of Saint Joseph

張栢菱 女士
Ms. CHEONG Pak-Leng Joe

Minister, Department of International Affairs, Nurses Association of Macau

袁志海 先生
Mr. YUEN Chi-Hoi Philip

Director of Adminstration, Caritas Macau

貝維斯 博士
Dr. Sheila PURVES

Senior Consultant, The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation

Mr. Kahled-El MOHTER

National Rehabilitation and Development Center, Lebanon

Ms. Pauliina LAMPINEN

Executive Director of VAMLAS -Supporting Foundation for Children and Youth with Disabilitie

Mr. Friedrich MEHRHOFF

Deutsche Vereinigung fur Rehabilitation (DGUV), Germany